April 24, 2019

Risky Business

Risky Business

The ringleader

A man has been sentenced to five counts of presenting fraudulent claims for insurance payment. He was allegedly the ring leader of a gang of 21 suspicious persons committing similar transgressions. The insured coordinated and staged five different incidents in one location and two others in adjoining locales. Accidents that...


Duplicate claims

Three advocates who filed duplicate insurance claims for the same motor accident case were recently suspended from practice for a five-year term by a disciplinary committee of their respective Bar Council. Their transgressions had initially come to light last year when the insurance company approached judiciary. The case eventually prompted the judiciary to...


Life ‘floats’ by

A woman’s home was caught in the middle of flash flooding, forcing her to go by boat to retrieve her belongings. She said the bottom floor of her home was filled to the brim with water inching closer to the living room. Her family and friends helped her pack up...


Pay day

Some insurers are now picking up on a trend of skipping the provider and sending massive checks for treatment directly to the patient. A lawsuit was promptly issued by the provider, a signal of an ongoing war between the payer and provider. And misuse by the patient is therefore a...


Jewellery fraud

A woman was charged with theft after she was found to have failed to report that she recovered her missing jewellery after receiving her insurance claim settlement. The insured had a filed a claim five months before she found her bracelet in her purse. The policy expressly stated that if...


Motor mishap

A woman’s car was intentionally set on fire outside her home and it was captured on camera. The culprit was captured pouring gasoline and running away after setting the car on fire. However, the cruel part is that her insurance expired minutes before the incident. Police are investigating the sordid...


‘Drive In’

A car driven by an elderly lady crashed through the front window of an insurance agency. The woman apparently hit the wrong pedal and rammed straight into the building. The car was seen partially inside the office. Let’s hope she gets insurance.


The Deer Scam

A cop is in hot water after attempting to scam his insurance company over a deer-related accident. He was arrested for filing a fraudulent motor insurance claim. While the original claim was true, the vehicle was also grossly underinsured. He then called the insurer and added comprehensive coverage to his...


Fake tags

A man has been arrested after the police found him selling fake license plates and insurance cards while undercover.  The police received an anonymous tip with a phone number that led them to the fraud. He was charged with multiple counts of fraud, driving with a suspended licence and two...


Mama knows best

A tourist survived a horrifying hit-and-run accident while on holiday. He was spared an expensive medical bill thanks to a tip his mother gave him. The man hadn’t taken out travel insurance before his trip, but in a stroke of good luck, he was speaking to his mother on the...

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