October 1, 2020

Risky Business

Risky Business

Wedding woes

A couple whose wedding was shelved by their venue partner due to the pandemic and resulting social distancing norms were asked to pay for 80 percent of the cancellation charge. To top it off, their insurance claim was rejected due to the closure resulting from a government order. However the...


Policy battles

A restaurant and theater company were closed during the pandemic and thought they were covered in the face of such losses. The policy specifically mentioned ‘pandemic event’ and they were supposed to reimburse the insured’s loss of wages, cleaning and other mitigation-related costs and crisis management expenses. Turns out, the...


Nothing like Disaster

A dam failure and subsequent breach caused gallons of water to pour into homes along the adjoining lake. The water caused damage to interiors, and left inches of mud inside homes. Property owners unfortunately have no insurance due to their belief that their homes were not located in flood zones...


Mistaken Identity

A government official has apologized to a man with the same name as a celebrity. He was accused of fraudulently applying for unemployment benefits and the official even accused him in his speeches. However, it was found to be the man’s legal identity, who indeed lost his job and applied...


Licked Clean Off

Another couple vacationing in Europe were out for a drive through vineyards and farms and approached a herd of cows. Many came over to investigate the car and surrounded the vehicle. While the couple waited for the herd to clear the road, they did not realise that some cows were...


Butted In

A man took a drive into the countryside and screeched to a halt when he reached a herd of goats. His incessant horns provoked one goat to jump on top of the car and another on butted his car with its horns. Thankfully, the car was covered with comprehensive coverage.


Going Traditional

An insured decided to go traditional for Christmas, resorting to old-fashioned candle lighting instead of electric lighting. She ran over to the neighbours, and the visit took a little longer that expected. In that time, the candles had set her tree, curtains and furniture on fire, slowly spreading to the...


The ‘Other’ Form

A broken washing machine caused property damage and the homeowner decided to put in a claim. Unfortunately, the insurance company denied the claim stating that that insured was not insured for damage caused by steam. The case was taken to a small claims court and the luckily for the insured,...


Desperate times

A woman was raided by burglars the same day she took out a home insurance policy. She realised the significance of the dates and altered them in the police crime report in desperation. She soon pleaded guilty to false representation.


Disabled or not?

A woman forged her doctor’s name to commit an insurance fraud case for false disability claims. Apparently, her insurance policy covered payments for a loan she had in the event she became disabled. She forged the signature of her doctor and falsified dates of doctor consultations on documentation she submitted...

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