September 27, 2021

Risky Business

Risky Business

Accident or conspiracy?

A cyclist was involved in a car collision. He believed the incident was the root of a large conspiracy and demanded an audience with a host of representatives from public organisations, governments, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as parties to his motor insurance case. Phew! A complicated case, this.



A man presented an insurance check that was issued to him at a local bank. Unfortunately the insurance company did not add a name suffix in the cheque. The bank manager immediately cast a suspicious eye, decided that the man was trying to steal money and called the police. The...


Excuses, excuses!

A woman was left homeless after an SUV slammed into her house and ended up in her kitchen. While she did not have homeowner’s insurance, the driver had an insurance and a claim was filed immediately. She was asked to submit photos at least two times, because the insurer ‘lost’...


Wake up & Smell the Scam!

A man went to a house claiming to be an insurance agent and said he needed to take pictures of a home to finish up an insurance claim. The resident did not have any claims pending and did not have insurance through the same company that the man said he...


Rejected on a Technicality

An insured’s motor vehicle was damaged when it collided with the rear of another motor vehicle. The vehicle was being driven by the insured at the time. The insurer rejected the insured’s claim for the damage to the vehicle on the basis that a policy condition that required the insured...


Ill-fated Ride

An employee was travelling with a co-worker who offered him a ride home after clocking off from his shift. The co-worker unfortunately lost control of the vehicle and was involved in an accident about 20 minutes after they left their place of work. The employee sustained injuries and ultimately lost...


Justice is not served

A woman paid her so-called insurer for her life insurance policy for 12 years without realizing she was paying a fraudster. When she died her son claimed for her life insurance and got the startling news. He filed a case against the so-called agent and is still waiting for justice....


Fake Claim

A woman decided to claim with forged receipts for a property that she did not own. The insurance company decided to investigate the case further before they made a payout. The real owner was found, and the woman was charged with a case of insurance fraud.


Back to the Future

A man tried to obtain a sum of money as payout claiming that three rims of his vehicle were damaged by a pothole. Unfortunately for him the authorities’ records stated that the road was repaired three months ago. The claim was promptly denied and flagged for fraud.


Repair Rage?

A man used sledgehammers and mallets to further damage customers’ vehicles at the two auto body shops he owned to make additional claims with the insurer. He regularly enhanced damage and caused new damage to customer’s vehicles to falsely inflate appraisal repair quotes. He then kept insurance cheques without completing...

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