October 19, 2019



Power & Agility

Newer, faster models and sustainable alternatives dot the market this month. Premium discovers what’s new in the market. From sustainable models to four-door powerhouses, this month’s array of vehicles makes for pure joy of driving. MINI Cooper SE The hallmark MINI stylishness comes in a purely electric drive. The new...


Pure driving delight

This month Premium takes a look at models that specialise in sheer driving comfort. Iconic and versatile, Premium revisits motoring brands that are undergoing facelifts to become far more efficient, powerful and comfortable in multiple environments. The new 911 Faster, more powerful and, more efficient than ever before, the eighth generation...

Porsche Cayenne S Coupe

A Powerful Impression

Premium features power and spectacular design in the latest line-up of motor vehicles. This month Premium focuses on models that channel formidable power to the driving experience and safety along with comfort. Cayenne S Coupé Porsche has added the Cayenne S Coupé to its SUV Coupé range. The model is...


Innovation in Comfort & Convenience

Premium takes a sneak peek into the latest in the motoring industry. From exquisite luxury to extra convenience the renowned car brands have come out with riveting models and stylish accolades. The S-Class of SUVs The new Mercedes-Benz GLS is Mercedes-Benz’s largest and most luxurious SUV and, above all, offers more:...


Automotive Finesse at Geneva

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show showcased the finest in motoring history. Premium takes a look at some of the great names and their luxurious entries. The 89th Geneva Motor Show was a treat for visitors with a huge emphasis on the motoring experience for visitors as well as new automotive...


Better, Faster, Stronger

From performance to elevated exteriors, there is much excitement within the motoring industry. The motoring industry has seen plenty of innovation this season, primarily in preparation for the Geneva Motor show. Premium showcases a few new features of select motoring names. Evolved Macan Following a comprehensive upgrade, the Macan by Porsche,...


Fast & Furious

The Ferrari Portofino proves that it is more than just a good-looking car with its unparalleled combination of design, technology and performance. The all new V8 GT Ferrari Portofino is lauded to be the most powerful convertible in its segment. Capable of sprinting from 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds,...


Reimagining Motoring

From limited edition launches to pressure testing and accolades, Premium tracks much activity on the motoring front. The automotive industry seems to be undergoing immense innovative change in a bid to begin 2019 with élan. Sporty agility Audi Abu Dhabi have announced the launch of the latest Audi A8 4.0...


Driven with Innovation

Premium looks at the innovative approaches brought by individual motoring brands in the region. From high power engines to electric vehicles, to production mandates and all-terrain drives, the motoring industry was upbeat with developments. Green light for production The Supervisory Board of Porsche AG recently gave the green light for...


An Innovative Approach

Premium takes stock of the innovation being followed by some of the motoring names in the region. Innovation is at the heart of all the new developments carried out by the various motoring brands across the region. Effecting change in performance, luxury, functionality and efficiency, these vehicles are going all...

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