October 19, 2019

Risk Management

Risk Management
Swiss Re Sonar Report findings summarized

The Future Beckons

Five emerging risks have high relevance to the insurance industry according to Swiss Re’s latest Sonar report. The Swiss Re Institute recently released its Sonar report, outlining some of the key risks that may have an impact on the insurance industry. The identified risks are relevant to life and non-life...


The Right Person for the Job

The insurance industry is no different when it comes to transformation, making succession management critical to the business process, writes Thiru Naicker. Succession Management has topped the business agendas of many organisations globally. As organisations seem to be in constant flux with growing attrition rates, restructuring, mergers and other related...


The ‘Moral’ Hazard

User charges employed in the health insurance system bring equilibrium to the issue of healthcare cost versus benefit, writes Dr. Faraz T. Khan. Given the complexities of healthcare delivery, costs of healthcare services are not always in the reach of the consumers who may need to utilise these services without...


A New World Order in 2019

Control Risks lists the top five risks for 2019 and the impact to the regional order of business. A forecast made in Control Risks’ annual RiskMap, a political and security risk forecast for business leaders and policymakers across the world, published recently that a US policy of China containment is...

Lifecare International recently held a breakfast briefing on the topic of cyber security.

Cyber security: A business function

The critical responsibility of securing an organisation from cyber attacks rests with the top management and not the IT department, according to experts at a cyber security briefing held by Lifecare International. A Premium report. Cyber attacks have proliferated in the last decade with more cases of hacking, nation state...


Insurtech is the New Black

While Insuretech is being embraced by the insurance industry, a critical challenge will be to work with the regulators in the UAE to develop Insurtech offerings, writes Peter Hodgins. Insurtech is undoubtedly the flavour of the month. It is impossible to read any insurance or takaful publication without seeing an...


Trade Risk on the Rise

Lira depreciation is bad news for Turkish trade partners, according to Atradius’ latest economic research report. Turkey has been in the spotlight frequently over the past couple of years. The rapid succession of developments started with the failed coup attempt in July 2016, which led to a drop in economic...


Connecting the Dots

With the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE, the insurance industry seems to be most impacted due to the complexities involved. Michael Vaughan seeks to dispel confusion within the distribution segment. Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 1 January 2018....


A game of uncertainties

Companies who are prepared for sustainable businesses will need to examine their opportunities and equip themselves to mitigate the risks, notes Sorana Parvulescu. The shocks and surprises of the past few years remind us that there is no room for complacency when it comes to geopolitical risks. Concerns about conflicts,...


The New Actuary

Luís Portugal emphasises that the role of the actuary is much more than an auditor to manage risk and uncertainty. The actuarial profession is quite deep-rooted and dates back to the first world congress that was held in Brussels in 1895. There are four big areas of work in actuarial...

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