July 3, 2020


Booster for Business

Booster for Business

Can CRM systems prove to be the vaccine for business at the time of COVID-19? As the COVID-19 juggernaut rolls on mercilessly, it is clear that the scale of the tragedy unfolding before our eyes is colossal. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that the ‘Great Lockdown’ recession will...

CRM-Bassam Chilmeran shares his experience with building a CRM for his organization

CRM – An Unavoidable Tool

Bassem Chilmeran shares his thoughts on the implementation of a CRM system and capabilities required in the future. From an executive management perspective, creating and strengthening relationships with customers and clients is central to any organisation’s growth strategy. Hence we deployed a customer relationship management (CRM) system years ago, with...

Fitting the Bill!

Fitting the bill!

Georges Chidiac explains how diagnosis related groups (DRG) can be the future of medical billing. In countries that operate private healthcare systems, how healthcare providers bill insurance companies and the magnitude of charges have been a consistently evolving process. Traditionally, healthcare providers in our region have operated within a fee-for-service...

Deadlock on Credit Control: AM Best

Deadlock on Credit Control

Questions remain over UAE insurers’ cash collection, with estimated debtor days still higher than Western Europe and other local markets, writes Salman Siddiqui. Problems with cash collection – an issue that affects insurers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region – are particularly evident in the United Arab...

Yolla El Khoury, CEO, ACE Holdings

Staying Strong

In the face of challenges and player exits, the Middle East’s reinsurance market shows resilience, remarks Yolla El Khoury. The global business landscape is experiencing challenging times and the insurance sector is not immune to those challenges. Overcapacity has been an issue in the Middle East insurance industry, adverse claims...

General Insurance Association of Singapore and Life Insurance Association of Singapore clarify Covid-19 coverage

Covid-19: Impact to Asset Management

Engagement and thoughtful stewardship of investments will be key in a pandemic scenario, writes Richard Dunbar, . The Covid-19 pandemic is like nothing any of us has ever experienced. The crisis will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for people, businesses and society as a whole. The asset management industry also faces...

Contain Cost to Sustain

Contain Cost & Sustain

Private health insurance (PHI) as an industry is growing steadily and its mandatory implementation regulations are extending across the region. However, large portions of the new policies are those of low-premium (Basic) plans; this necessitates great effort to act on resources optimisation that can make PHI model sustainable economically by...

A tailored approach to cost containment

A Tailored Approach

Dr. Charushila Thadani outlines five sound steps for organisations on the path to effective healthcare cost containment. When we consider a 2018 projection of a USD100-billion GCC healthcare industry by 2022[1], we should also consider that regional employers face some cost challenges as they contribute to that growth. They are...

Digitalisation and rising cost

Digitisation to cure Rising Cost, FWA

Jihad Francis writes about the e-health strategy within the insurance industry and on how it helps in containing overall cost of expenditure in order to transition to a value-based healthcare model. The Middle East and Africa region has been recently ranking amongst the highest rising in terms of health expenditure...


COVID-19: Impact to Insurance

The Novel Coronavirus 19 has affected many countries in the past few months. What are the considerations for the insurance industry? A Premium report. The Novel Coronavirus 19 has brought the world together in the fight to survive and manage resources. Many health centres across the world have been overstretched...

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