December 2, 2020



Outlook for Health Insurance

A panel of actuaries recently discussed the future of health insurance at a webinar organised by RGA Middle East. A Premium report. A high-level discussion on the future of health insurance and the impact of the pandemic yielded multiple viewpoints from representatives of the actuarial fraternity at a webinar held...


Reinsurance 2021: Discussions on Pricing

The General Arab Insurance Federation’s latest webinar focused on reinsurance in the Arab region and renewal prospects of the next year. The third webinar organised by the General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) centred on the topic “Reinsurance in the Arab region: Current competition and renewal prospects for 2021”. Introducting the...


VBH gains Impetus

Speakers at the second Annual Middle East Healthcare Financing Summit stressed on the importance of moving on to value based care plans sustained by digitalisation and data analysis. Experts in the insurance, pharmaceutical and health care sectors came together to discuss innovation and technology in health care that centred around...


The Cyber Insurance Imperative

As cyber attacks become more targeted and disruptive, the need for specialist risk transfer and loss mitigation advice has never been more important, explain Ailbhe Storan and Alexander Blom. With the continuous growth of computing power, IT has been at the core of most organisations’ investments over the last few...

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Adapt or Die

With the onset of BOD-49 comes time for change, writes Ashok Sardana. With everything that has been thrown at us in 2020, it should come as no surprise that as an industry we are facing yet another new challenge. With the onset of BOD-49 coming into effect  after a six-month...

BOD-49: More Transparency for Customers

BOD-49: More Transparency for Customers

The BOD-49 regulations have given bancassurance practitioners an opportunity to lend more transparency for the end user, helping them make an informed decision, writes Hasheer Kottal. The BOD-49 is a well thought-out set of rules that has been drafted primarily to protect the interests of insurance customers. The UAE Insurance...


Calmer Waters, Slow post COVID-19 Recovery

Matthew Burnard analyses key trends in the region and their impact on the insurance industry. Current political developments such as the US-Iran rivalry, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain’s normalisation of relations with Israel, the Qatar diplomatic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic – what do they mean for the...

BI Cover Trends in the Middle East

BI Cover Trends in the Middle East

Simon Peter D. Isgar examines recent legal developments in Business Interruption Insurance and notes coverage issues and wider implications, perhaps, for the Middle East. The English High Court had recently handed down a judgement in a test case related to “Business Interruption” (BI) insurance in the context of the COVID-19...


Building Resilience & Sustainability

The 15th Annual Health Insurance Forum discussed many positive strategies to build resilience and sustainability within the health insurance business. A Premium report. “The data shows that the value of compensation paid by the insurance companies in the UAE for claims related to COVID-19 amounted to more than AED588 million...


‘The true role of Insurance’

The Lebanese insurance sector is ripe for change and the recent explosion incident at the Beirut may herald reform, according to experts. The General Arab Insurance Federation recently held a webinar and panel discussion of experts from different fields of the insurance business to discuss impact, claims settlement and more...

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