October 1, 2020


An Insight into Medical Risk

An Insight into Medical Risk

Suresh Nair takes a look at changes that could impact the insurance industry with the advent of large scale genetic testing. The Human Genome Project (1990 – 2003) is considered one of the most ambitious scientific ventures ever undertaken. The project succeeded in sequencing (determining the exact order of) almost...

The Future of Healthcare ─ Can Genetic Testing Improve Patient Outcomes?

Can Genetic Testing Improve Patient Outcomes?

From forensics to archaeology to finding out if the Loch Ness Monster exists, DNA analysis is now a mainstream practice. So what does this mean for health care and health care insurers, asks Dr. Charu Thadani. Last year, researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand announced that the...

An actuarial outlook of the insurance industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19: An Outlook

Syed Danish Ali looks at the impact for insurance and examines how actuaries can contribute to risk management during the pandemic. This article explores COVID-19 that has been termed as greater than the 2008-09 crisis by the IMF[1] and its impact on Insurance Sector. Lockdowns pursued aggressively in Q2 2020...


The Hurdle of Managing Insurance Data

Insurers’ need for digital modernisation is now more crucial than ever, Assad El Saadi remarks.  If there’s one thing that the current health crisis has illustrated, it’s just how essential technology — from video conferencing and online collaboration tools to cloud data storage solutions — is to maintaining smooth business...


‘Awaken the Potential’

Salman AlNassar believes loss adjusting is a relatively lesser-known profession and thus has immense potential within the region. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a loss adjuster is “an insurance agent who assesses the amount of compensation that should be paid after a person has claimed on their insurance policy.”...


The Digital Wake-up Call

Shahid Safdar reflects on the positive developments for the insurance industry that have been borne out of the pandemic crisis. When we entered this new decade at the start of 2020, regional assessments reflected a positive outlook for the insurance industry, with increased growth potential expected, despite the low interest...

Telemedicine: The Need of the Hour

Telemedicine: The Need of the Hour

As the world struggles with COVID-19, leveraging telehealth and telemedicine to combat diseases can be crucial and opportune. The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time, and governments must reimagine their healthcare systems and health care delivery. Hospitals and clinics are combatting the raging COVID-19...

Telehealth: The World Around Us

Telehealth: The World Around Us

Dr. Farah Ahmed discusses the optimisation of telehealth in a regional context. If Telehealth is the lasting change from the COVID-19 pandemic1, what impact will it have on health economics in this region? Will Telehealth be embraced as the future of healthcare and the true potential of this platform emerge?...

The Ills of Capitation

‘The Ills of Capitation’

Aftab Hasan explains the changes made to the recently issued Circular (17) of 2020 and the ensuing impact to the health insurance business. Capitation is a relationship based on a provider who provides services and is reimbursed per-member per month for the entire network population. So, this was a model...

Redefining Well-being at Work

Redefining ‘Well-being at Work’

Catherine Darroue offers some advice on how UAE organisations can ensure ‘well-being at work’ during COVID-19. With most employees across the public and private sector in the UAE now working from home, we are having to redefine the concept of ‘well-being at work’. If trying to maintain (and in many...

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