October 19, 2019



Better Transparency & Disclosure

Husain Feroz Ali looks at the changing regulatory landscape for Unit Linked Products. Generally, when one hears about life insurance, one may think of pure protection products such as Term Life insurance. Unit Linked products, on the other hand, offers a combination of insurance with investment bundled into one product....


Motor recovery: Time for Change

Rajesh Pandurangan explains the need for a market agreement for recovery claims that can be used as standard operating procedure within the insurance industry. In itself, motor claims management can often be a complex process, given that every situation is unique and usually requires a number of varying components to...


Insurance Committees: A Positive Approach

Mark Beswetherick, Michael Morris, Alfred Thornton and Salma Hajhusein analyse the recent regulations that introduce insurance disputes settlement and resolution committees in the UAE. The fora for the adjudication of insurance disputes in the UAE is set to expand considerably following recent amendments to the UAE’s insurance laws, which introduced...


New rules for Bahrain insurance aggregators

The Central Bank of Bahrain has issued regulations relevant to insurance aggregators who are intermediaries with an insurance broker’s license providing insurance aggregator services. A Premiumreport. The Central Bank of Bahrain recently released a directive pertaining to insurance aggregators, in light of recent licensing activity in this sphere of business....

Middle East Healthcare Financing and Revolution Summit

Improving Cost Efficiencies

The Middle East Healthcare Financing and Revolution Summit focused on technologies and tools to improve cost containment efficiencies to the healthcare financing system. Experts from the healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical sectors got together to discuss healthcare financing and tools to bring in efficiency in cost containment as well as innovation....


Paradox of the New Age

Health insurance remains reactive in an exponentially changing technological world, comments Paul Epping. This article, will apply a way of approaching the new reality – or post-digital reality– to the insurance industry with a focus on healthcare. We are living in the era of exponential growth of technologies. At least 12...


‘Intelligent Insurers’

Dr. Immanuel Azad Moonesar evaluates the telehealth sector and provides insurance insights from the East Mediterranean region. As once said by digital health evangelist John Nosta, “Telemedicine is nothing new.” During my younger years in Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean), when the telephone became a common household device, my grandma started...


Avenues of Growth

Sreenath M. examines the opportunities for insurers to stay relevant in the cargo industry in a pressured economy. A general decline in global trade volumes, weakened economic activity and diminished consumer confidence across the world has led to a reduction in air freight demand compared to the previous year. This...


Raising the Bar in Healthcare

Georges Chidiac explains the purpose and opportunities of specialised centres of excellence that are key to meeting GCC healthcare goals. With the global healthcare landscape becoming ever more complex, governments across the GCC region are increasingly acknowledging the importance of the sector to socio-economic diversification and growth. National agendas in...


DHA to regulate supply of health services

DHA plans to develop “Certificate of Need” guidelines that will help map outinvestment opportunities in the health sector.  The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will soon be focusing on promoting need-based healthcare investments in an attempt to regulate oversupply of health services. The regulator recently held a workshop in this regard...

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