September 27, 2021

Face to Face

Face to Face
Dr. Mohammad Hamad Al Suliman, CEO, Najm for Insurance Services

Technology, a ‘must-have’

Dr. Mohammad Hamad Al Suliman, CEO, Najm for Insurance Services speaks with Premium on how the company transitions technological advancement to better customer service. There is an enthusiastic emphasis on digital transformation and innovation nudged forward by the onset of the pandemic. While countries target digitalisation, automation and innovation in...

Saad Eddine M. Dimachkie - CEO, ME Region, SIACI Insurance Brokers

A Prime Opportunity

Focusing on strategic opportunities that will deliver value to the client is the need of the hour, according to Saad Eddine M. Dimachkie, CEO – ME Region, SIACI Insurance Brokers. In a time when the Middle East is undergoing so many changes including the introduction of digital transformation, new regulations,...


Strengthening Motor Insurance, Step by Step

The Emirates Insurance Association’s (EIA) Motor Technical Committee (MTC) is gearing up for a sustainable motor insurance industry in its 2021 business plan. Chairman of the MTC Issam Mouslimani speaks to Premium in this regard. Striving to bring equilibrium and a state of fairness and awareness with respect to motor...


A new Model of Care

Dr. Ihsan Al Marzooqi tells Premium how GluCare, an integrated Diabetes centre, can provide value to the health care system. The management of chronic disease has been a top priority in the cost management programs of payers and providers. Contributing in this endeavour to manage a chronic disease such as...

Umair Nizami on the NAS-Neuron amalgamation

View From the Top

Premium speaks to Umair Nizami, Group CEO, NAS and Neuron, on the recent amalgamation in shareholder ownership between the two third party administrators (TPAs). The UAE insurance industry and the wider GCC region in turn, is a hotbed of consolidation activity. Over the years many entities have been acquired or...

Expectations for Reinsurance - Benjamin Serra

Expectations for Reinsurance

Is the reinsurance environment in for a bumpy ride this year? Benjamin Serra discusses an outlook for the year. Recent happenings have caused the industry to take stock of the reinsurance environment. Premium spoke to Benjamin Serra, senior vice president, Financial Institutions Group, Moody’s Investors Service. Do competitive and regulatory...

Revolutionising EoSB - Reena Vivek

Revolutionising EoSB

The DIFC Employee Workplace Savings (DEWS) scheme is the first fully technology-enabled tool to enable savings among employees and attract and retain talent within organisations, according to Reena Vivek, senior executive officer, Zurich Workplace Solutions. Celebrated as one of the biggest developments for employees in the Dubai International Financial Centre...

DHIC-CEO-Saleh Al Hashimi

‘Enable to be Sustainable’

Dubai Health Insurance Corporation CEO Saleh Al Hashimi explains how the regulator is enabling the insurance industry in order to become a sustainable model. Ever since the bifurcation of the Dubai Health Authority into the Dubai Health Insurance Corporation and the Dubai Health Corporation, the impact has been felt, seen...

Ayman Al Ajmi, CEO, Braxtone

Addressing Claims Recovery

Ayman Al-Ajmi, CEO of Braxtone, explains why the motor claims recovery process for insurers needs an end-to-end technology solution. While the financial books of insurance companies are impacted by many parameters, recovery for motor insurance claims has been a key element. For the past 20 years in the industry, discussions...

G Srinivasan - NIA Director - Interview

‘Living and Breathing Insurance’

G. Srinivasan, director of the National Insurance Academy, is on a mission to brighten the already illustrious image of an institution, which enjoys the attention of 6000 professionals from 65 countries across the world. The Middle East is not a new territory for G.Srinivasan. In his previous role as chairman...

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