August 12, 2020

Risky Business

Risky Business

Raking in Benefits

In his zeal to collect crop insurance benefits, a farmer underreported his harvest. He was quite accustomed with the practice, having done the same for the past three years. He also filed for bankruptcy three months after transferring about half a million dollars. Is it any miracle that he was...


Exceeding ‘needs’

A man lost his legs in an motor accident and wrote to his insurance company to apply for a wheelchair. He was denied as the wheelchair exceeded his “needs” according to the claims department. The man now needs prosthetic legs and is hoping for the best.


Botched Crime

A man faked a hate crime at his restaurant with an intention to file an insurance claim on stolen goods. He spray-painted his own restaurant walls and upholstery. He planned to then file a claim and sell the undamaged goods. He then placed an emergency call and reported a burglary with...


A Sophisticated Con

An insurance regulator was recently made aware of a group of scammers who were impersonating the organisation to target people who have searched for home, car and construction loans online. The scammers used social media channels to seem legitimate, and in one case even committed identity theft to con other...


Death on Paper

To settle his financial problems, a man plotted with his mother to fake her death and get payouts from various insurance companies. He made claims amounting to millions in relation to his mother’s supposed death in a traffic accident, and about a third of that was paid out immediately. Both...


Caught by Whatsapp!

A man pushed his own car off a cliff to make it look like he had a tragic accident in hopes that he could make a claim to the insurance company and pocket a pile of money. However, things didn’t go according to plan as his Whatsapp chats, which detailed...


Lying on the Job

A professional footballer lied that he couldn’t work with whiplash after a car crash to claim an insurance payout. But in that time he was, in fact, helping his team win the league, playing more than 30 matches. When confronted after an investigation, he admitted that he had purchased illegal...


Home improvement

A fight with an insurance company left a couple with damages to their home for more than a year and a half after a driver crashed into their home. The car crashed right through the back and also caused damage to the brick on their home and throughout their yard....


Jilted musician

A retired fridge engineer claimed for hearing loss caused by his work with his insurer. While investigating the claim, it was found that the insured was the frontman in a rock n’ roll band, while he had submitted documents stating that he did not have any ‘noisy’ hobbies. The insurer...


Holiday hoax

A man made multiple claims to different travel insurers claiming of an illness that had caused him to cancel his family holiday. He made use of fake airline tickets, bank statements and emails of hotel reservation to claim nearly GBP20000. He received a 16-month jail sentence instead.  

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