August 12, 2020

Risky Business

Risky Business
Globetrotting Watch - Risky Business

Globetrotting Watch

This is the story of a watch that travelled across the world. A collector placed his watch to dry after it got wet while repairing a water leak. He blamed a wayward reindeer for his property and notified the insurance company on the incident, for the watch was valuable one....

Turtle Nip - Risky Business

Turtle nip

A man and his wife went on a visit to a turtle farm. While the turtle feeding session was taking place a turtle bit the woman’s hand and pulled her into the water. The man fell headlong into the water in a bid to rescue the poor woman. They ended...


Expensive Vacation

A traveller banged his suitcase into a cyclist while he was crossing the road without looking on either side. They were both knocked to the ground. Apparently the traveller was rushing to the airport. However, the cyclist went to the cops and hired a lawyer to handle the enquiry. The...


Second Time Unlucky

This claimant could not have it worse, having claimed for accidents for two separate family trips. In the first claim, he broke his arm after tripping on a puppy, and the second time round he fractured his other arm after falling down a manhole. Strange are the ways of some...


Homeless by Sewage

A man and his family were rendered homeless when his bathroom and basement started flooding with sewage. After an investigation it was deemed that the flooding was caused by a collapsed pipe, leaving the city liable for damage claims.


Swamper Kittens

A couple of kittens managed to turn on a kitchen sink faucet while their owner was away at work. The water flooded the kitchen, causing damages to the floor and cabinets. The insurance company did not find it cute, but still did pay for the claim caused by the adorable...


When Insurance Expires…

A man was charged with falsifying the date of an accident after the policy expired, to gain insurance coverage. Earlier his wife’s motor insurance policy was cancelled due to non-payment. He then called the insurer and he said he was having problems making payments on his policy and was unaware...


The Bad Doctor

A doctor and two other service members were indicted by a grand jury, accused of filing insurance claims for injuries that never happened. The trio fabricated insurance applications, using forged signatures and altered hospital records that belonged to real patients, collecting a large sum of money. The insurance company noticed...


Habitual Offender

A man has been sentenced to four years probation and ordered to pay restitution after being sentenced for habitual fraud offences. He scammed the auto insurance system when an ambulance taking him to the hospital for a health condition was involved in a minor accident. The accident was so minor...


The ‘opportunistic’ fraudster

A man made a claim for a burglary that took place in his shop. Along with a list of items that was stolen, was an entry for an expensive television. The investigators picked up on the item, compared inventory and realised that the man was just being an opportunist. Needless...

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