July 18, 2019

Risky Business

Risky Business

Hungry Monkey

An insured was travelling in Asia and during a trip to a temple had his glasses stolen by a monkey that was in the vicinity. He watched helplessly as the primate fended his attempts to recover it and went on to eat the glasses! While he had no idea that...


Care claims

A woman claimed she needed eight hours in day of insurance-provided attendant care, to recuperate from injuries sustained in a car accident. She claimed that she could not walk for more than 20 minutes without pain and needed help for all her basic chores at home. The insurance company went...


Fraud Farmer

A farmer has pleaded guilty to felony charges of feeding false information in order to swindle insurance companies. He provided insurers with falsified information on crop insurance claims to collect payouts. He reported lesser amount of produce while delivering it in the name of his children. By not reporting the...


Playing Dead

A man and his wife decided to dupe their life insurance company by devising a scheme to fake his death in order to collect on a USD2 million policy. He staged his death by arranging for the corpse of an unknown person and placing his passport and identification documents in...


The Burrower

Thieves can go to extraordinary lengths to get inside a building. One such thief decided to test the security features that a business owner had installed within his establishment. The security video captured the thief crawling underneath the side of the building after chiseling away to remove at least two...


Kind act

A homeless family got their car insurance renewed by two police officers who pulled them over. The family of eight, consisting of six children and their parents, were on their way to a cheap hotel to spend their last night before living in their car. Both the police officers enquired...


Expensive taste!

An emu’s expensive taste resulted in his carer losing her earrings. The bird, generally known for its gobbling habit, couldn’t help pecking his carer’s earrings right out of her ears and swallowing them. He had to then have his stomach pumped to flush out the jewellery. Unfortunately the earrings stayed...


Foiled Attempt

A clubber decided to plough his vehicle into a doorman after being thrown out of the club. Instead of hitting his target, he ended up hitting a bystander, and received money for the damage of his car! However, his court hearing was adjourned after the judge found out about the...


Stopgap arrangement

A driver who could not find insurance that would immediately cover his new car decided to take matters into his own hands and print fake tax and insurance documents for himself. Needless to say, he was pulled over and charged with two counts of forgery. He decided to make them...


Insurance/Secret Agent

One insurance agent may have mixed up his role with that of a secret agent, having stolen and forged 22 identities in a scheme to fraudulently collect on commissions. According to court documents, the agent had filed 28 applications for life insurance in six months using stolen identities. He used...

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