August 12, 2020

Risky Business

Risky Business

Old cars, no claims

A man’s locked car was stolen from his home. With no possible leads to the car, the police closed the case and culprits remained unfound. He reported the incident to the insurer and claimed damages. Unfortunately for him, the insurer cancelled the policy, cut his no-claims bonus and made it...


Insurance, not crowdfunding

A middle-aged insured has been quoted as a prime example to showcase that insurance is not the same as crowdfunding. The insured needed a surgery for a brain tumour during his trip to Europe. He was paid the claim but such claims will not be entertained by the insurer in the...



An insured was charged with fraud after he filed a police report stating that his sports car was stolen. Two days later he filed an insurance claim for the stolen vehicle. The police found out that he had crashed the expensive vehicle and left the scene of the accident. He...


Colourful chaos

What happens when a dog and a bucket of paint get together? A woman was treated to the sight of a colour-filled mess when she found that her canine had accidently dipped its tail in an open can of paint. The happy furry decided to wag his tail across the...


Going bananas

A man used a car wax that had a distinct scent of bananas on the exterior of his truck. After he returned from a trip, he found wild horses around the vehicle, licking it owing to the distinct smell of fruit. He also found several bite marks and promptly claimed...


Forgery case

A man has been arrested for committing a series of insurance forgeries after issuing false insurance policies and diverting the premiums to his bank account. After complaints were issued, he was investigated and charged with four counts of forgery and breach of trust with fraudulent intent.


Fraudster nabbed

A man planned an elaborate insurance payout scheme after his home and four vehicles were destroyed in a wildfire. He purchased a insurance policy a day after the fire gutted his possessions and added comprehensive coverage to all his vehicles. When he filed a claim, he said that the vehicles...

Winter Jaunt - Risky Business

Winter Jaunt

A couple came home after their winter vacation to find the house had been ransacked by an unusual suspect: a squirrel. During their vacation, an alarm went off in the home but friends said the doors and windows were not breached. When the couple came home, their house was a...

In Bad Faith - Risky Business

In Bad Faith

A jury favoured an insured in its verdict whose insurance claim on his fire-damaged vehicle was denied by his insurance company acting in bad faith. The vehicle had caught fire and was completely destroyed. The initial investigation showed it was an electrical fire and that no “accelerants” were found inside,...

Snake Wrap - Risky Business

Snake Wrap

An insured got into an accident with a rental car and stepped out to check the damages. When he opened the bonnet of the car and began to take a look, he was astounded to see a big snake wrapped around the engine! Fortunately he did not sustain any snake-related...

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