October 29, 2020

Regional forum discusses vital strategies for insurance


Experts within the regional insurance industry discussion medical insurance and health care at the Sixth Regional Forum for Medical Insurance that took place in Cairo recently.

The forum was held in cooperation between the General Arab Insurance Federation, the Egyptian Insurance Federation and the Egyptian Society for Health Care Management, under the auspices of the Ministries of Finance, Health and Population and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Muhammad Maait – minister of Finance, explained the strategic plans of the Egyptian government with regard to a comprehensive insurance system, and stressed that the vital role of the insurance sector in integrating all social groups.

Dr. Maait also proposed the establishment of community entities to defend citizens’ rights to obtain health care guaranteed by the law and to serve as a link between citizens, system administrators and service providers.

The forum discussed many important issues impacting insurance activity, including the role of regulatory bodies in combating the spread of the pandemic and epidemics in the future.

The forum sessions also discussed cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and health care providers and the medical insurance sector to provide a better service to the citizen, the importance of providing a medical insurance product against emerging epidemics, and the role of insurance companies and reinsurers.

Among the key resolutions of the conference, the delegates agreed to incorporate modern technology, ensure enhanced cooperation between the state and insurance companies, to present a workshop for representatives of the health insurance sector and regulatory bodies, review precedents in other countries, as well as work to establish an insurance pool to cover the risk of epidemics and infectious diseases.


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