July 18, 2019

AIIRM, FIFE, The Institutes launch ARM certification

The Advanced Institute of Insurance and Risk Management recently launched the Associate of Risk Management (ARM) certification course in strategic partnership with US-based The Institutes and the Foundation for Insurance and Finance Education (FIFE), based in Cyprus and Bahrain.

“Based on our research there are more than 15000 professionals working in the insurance industry in the UAE,” said Mahesh Prabhu, general manager of FIFE. Speaking of the vast number of training programmes, Husain Al Ajmi, managing director of FIFE said there was no other institute that offered such professional development of insurance personnel. “We have partnered with the AIIRM and The Institute, so we provide support online and offline,” he added.

Issam Mouslimani, technical consultant to the AIIRM spoke about the courses that were being introduced into the regional insurance market. “When you are qualified, you are different and you stand out from the crowd,” he said. Speaking about the ARM certification, he said that the professional program would help insurance and risk management professionals in reaching informed decisions, increase effectiveness by learning to design a risk management program for hazard, operational, financial and strategic risks, as well as enhance contribution to the organisation’s value by learning to assess and treat risks.

He added that the ICI certification was a foundation for starters in insurance and was designed in collaboration to address regulatory training needs. “The ICI is a qualification that gives you a foundation while you are talking to anyone from the insurance business. Most people never begin from the insurance industry. ICI is a retention plan for companies. It provides competencies and the skills. You cannot become confident if you don’t own the knowledge. It helps you to get into the game,” he affirmed.

The AIIRM will be the qualification manager for the courses while the qualification provider will be The Institutes and FIFE.

Stephen Anderson, head of International Business Development at The Institutes introduced the organisation and the 28 designations offered by it. “Knowledge is a competitive advantage. One you have the qualification, you have the credibility,” he said, adding that training and engaging employees was the way to go towards building retention within an organisation.

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